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Why is cotton good?

Have you ever worn something that caused excessive sweating or irritation of your skin? Did you feel tied up, bad, uncomfortable and didn’t want to wear it? You probably have some things in your closet that you like very much, but that you can’t wear.

Why not all materials are good for us

Or maybe it would be worth paying attention to what it is made of? Did you look at the tag? Perhaps the garment you like is made of polyester or some other synthetic material. Did you know that polyester is a plastic – like a bottle – that is used more and more in the production of clothes these days? Surprised? Hence your ailments – and there are many, many more ailments related to polyester.

If you decide to put it on your little one, who has extremely sensitive skin, don’t be surprised that he also expresses his dissatisfaction, e.g. by crying or whining. Maybe it is worth choosing more consciously products that do not expose you or your child to discomfort and ensure free air circulation?

When sewing our baptism clothes, we focus on such materials, because we want your baby to feel good and be able to smile. The basic of our collections is Polish cotton, which is produced on our special order. It has the following certificates: “Safe for children”, “Safe for babies” and Oeko-Tex.

Quality certificates for baptism clothes for boys and girls

“Safe for Children Certificate” – confirms that the product is safe for children and guarantees full comfort of use, and is issued by independent, authorized institutions. A product marked with this certificate must meet several conditions:

  • its raw material composition must be adequate to the child’s age and destination;
  • it must not contain chemical substances considered harmful in amounts exceeding the limit values;
  • its design must ensure functionality and safety of use;
  • the manufacturer (importer) must be able to carry out a stable production (import) that guarantees repeatability of characteristics during the validity of the certificate.

The Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate is a sign awarded by members of the International Association for Research and Development of Ecology of Textile Products, Öko-Tex. It is used to mark textiles that do not contain any carcinogens, nitrogen and allergenic dyes, as well as other harmful compounds, such as pesticides, formaldehydes or heavy metals. “

When choosing a baptism outfit for a boy or girl produced in MyDream, you are guaranteed the highest quality and safe use.

Advantages of clothes made of cotton

By opting for cotton in the production of clothes, we see many advantages that are of great importance for children:

  • your skin can breathe freely – it doesn’t sweat;
  • not allergenic – you are not exposed to irritation, allergies, itching – cotton causes allergies very rarely;
  • high hygroscopicity – able to absorb up to 25% of water vapor; heat retention depends on the type of cotton, cools more when thicker, while thin rather cools;
  • has a high tensile strength – when wet it is even increased by 30%;
  • it is resistant to high temperature (e.g. during ironing) – thanks to this, you get rid of microorganisms, mites and bacteria.

Cotton in My Dream clothes

When deciding to manufacture our clothes, we wanted cotton to be in contact with the baby’s skin for the first time, ensuring its comfort, protection and safety, which is why all our christening dresses have a cotton lining.

On the other hand, in boys’ collections you can find a clown and a baptism set, which are made entirely of cotton.

Komplet do chrztu dla dziecka

Knowing now how many health-promoting properties cotton has, consider whether it is worth giving your child what is best for him, because: a satisfied child is a happy parent.

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