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Silk distinguishes our christening dresses!

Mydream was created as an alternative to commonly available baby clothes that are currently available on the market. Most of them are imported from abroad and are mechanically sewn from poor quality materials. We wanted to fill a gap in the market and create something completely different, something that will make us stand out from the competition. Something that will satisfy the needs of a more demanding and conscious customer looking for a product that meets today’s trends and meets high standards, and at the same time will be a unique product. This is the goal of the MyDream brand!

Do you know what distinguishes our clothes for baptism?

As we wrote earlier, when creating our collections, we focused primarily on the high quality of materials and the way our products were made. For the production of our christening dresses, we mainly use Italian 100% silk and Polish 100% cotton. Our dressmakers put all their heart and working hours to ensure that each baptism dress is well-sewn and refined down to the smallest detail.

Christening dress Marina

Why is silk so special?

Mainly because it is natural. Silk is one of the ecologically “cleanest” fibers. No pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemicals are needed for its production. It is a very noble and exclusive material with pro-health properties.

The most important feature of silk is its hypoallergenic nature. Thanks to its antistatic properties, it does not accumulate mites and dust, which brings relief to people suffering from all kinds of allergies, asthma, sinusitis or runny nose. It is recommended for people with skin problems.

Silk allows you to create comfortable clothes

Another advantage of this material is its ability to thermoregulate. Silk breathes, thanks to which our skin breathes – it does not sweat, and it also insulates the temperature. It means that in winter products made of silk warm, and in summer cool without disturbing the natural temperature of the human body. Therefore, the use of silk in our baptism clothes also provides comfort for parents who do not have to worry about the well-being of their fun.

Pro-health material and an exclusive look of the clothes

Another property of silk is its hygroscopicity, which means that silk easily absorbs moisture while maintaining an appropriate level of moisture for the skin. The amino acids and microscopic pores found in silk fibers absorb large amounts of sweat, which then evaporates to the outside. As a result, the skin does not overheat on a hot day and remains dry.

Silk is not only a health-promoting material, but also has a number of other properties. It is extremely pleasant to the touch, soft and smooth. This makes MyDream christening dresses to be arranged very nicely, and its unique, noble appearance and delicate shine make it. Thanks to this, our children’s clothes look exclusive. Despite the fact that silk suggests its delicacy, contrary to appearances, it is a very durable material. A good silk thread is difficult to break, and as it is thin, it can be woven from a very dense and strong fabric.

This material is the best for making dresses!

To sum up, natural silk is a pro-ecological and health-promoting material, and at the same time extremely pleasant, elegant and very durable. It is considered the safest material used in the production of clothing. For this reason, we decided to create and sew our baptism dresses from it.

Christening dresses with silk material:

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