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Len … Why is it so special?

You have already realized that we do not like artificial materials, where the skin does not breathe, sweats and is more prone to irritation and allergies. As conscious parents, we have devoted a great deal of time to finding the real good for our children. Are you looking for him too? We want to share it with you. 

We love everything that is natural, good and safe –

both at home, in life and in our work, where we give your children what is best for them. Good materials are the basic ingredient that we chose. We have already written about certified cotton, about fine silk … and today … another material that we love so much, and from which we sew our baptism clothes – natural linen.

Nowadays it is a very underrated material, perhaps because there is not really talk about its amazing properties – often better than cotton. We buy quickly, without thinking – what we like or fall into our hands without thinking how to use it – a bit without awareness. We buy shorts for our child – because it will look wonderful in them and we do not think “whether his skin will breathe in it, will it be comfortable and comfortable, and whether the material from which they are made will absorb at least 20% of moisture, which will give him a sense of freshness “- Noooooooo

Well, in principle, can it not be combined?

After all, the fabric is the basic ingredient of any garment – you can choose well! Just be aware.

Len … Why is it so special?

Perfect for summer – Linen is a breathable, very airy and light material. In linen, a person sweats 1.5 times less than cotton and 2 times less than wearing viscose clothing (did you know that viscose is an artificial material? :)). In hot weather, a man dressed in linen has a skin temperature lower by 3 ° C. Due to its hygroscopicity, linen is able to quickly absorb moisture, giving a feeling of freshness and freshness.

Perfect for winter – and this is probably surprising, but it’s true. Linen clothing wraps you with warmth at low temperatures, which means that despite its lightness and airiness, it makes you feel warm in it.

Perfectly clean – has rare bacteriological properties. It is resistant to fungi and bacteria – it is an effective barrier to some diseases. Linen fabrics are an excellent filter that protects against moderately aggressive chemicals, noise and dust. Linen repels dirt and small debris. It is easy to wash in hot water, it can also be boiled, dried in the sun and hot ironed. All this ensures maximum sterilization of linen.

Healing – does not cause an allergic reaction and is useful in the treatment of many allergic diseases, it is effective in the treatment of inflammation, fever, reduces and regulates ventilation. It also reduces fatigue and definitely improves your mood.

Check it and see that it will be the perfect material for your child. You will gain peace and a sense of security, being sure that what you give him is really the best for him.

The most popular in our collections is the baptism cloth for a boy – San Juan – which is sewn from 100% natural Polish linen


If you are looking for something in the style of Casual, a baptism kit for a boy – Toledo, which combines linen and cotton, will be the perfect solution for you.

All the properties we have described should convince you that you can combine comfort and convenience with a sense of good taste.

At the moment, linen is used in boys’ collections, but this will soon change.

Girls will also soon be able to enjoy its advantages and it is for them that new baptism dresses will be created. Be with us and follow our news – we create it for you

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