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How to care for silk? MyDream responds

Silk is a very noble, but also very demanding fabric. It should be properly taken care of so that it retains its properties, its natural, beautiful shine and its durability. We will give you some valuable advice on how to care for silk so that your christening dresses retain their unique appearance for a long time


Silk manufacturers recommend dry cleaning it (so-called dry cleaning) and this is the best and safest solution for it. It is quite a sensitive fabric that does not like water or temperature changes. If you want to use this form of cleaning, however, it’s best to choose an ecological laundromat that uses non-toxic detergents. However, by following the recommendations below, we can easily wash a silk dress by hand at home.

Machine washing should be avoided!


Fill a sink or a bowl with lukewarm water (30 ° C) – remember that silk does not like cold or hot water. Add a mild washing liquid to it and soak it for about 3-4 minutes, gently turning it from one side to the other. Remember! Do not use any aggressive detergents, powders or bleaching liquids. You cannot rub, scrub or twist it, as you can damage its fibers. Silk itself is not such a delicate material, but when wet, its sensitivity increases greatly. Then proceed to the next step, which is rinsing.


Pour clean water of the same temperature back into the sink or bowl and gently rinse the silk by turning it from one side to the other. By adding a little vinegar to the water, you will get rid of the residual liquid, and also enliven and illuminate the material, giving it its glow again.


Gently wrap the silk in a towel and drain the water. Never twist! Do not dry silk in the sun, hang it on a string, or dry it with a dryer. After the water is drained, spread it out on a towel, or hang it gently on a hanger and let it dry.


Always iron the silk when wet, preferably through a cotton cloth or lining on the left side. Set the iron to I. You can turn on gentle steam, but too much water may cause streaking, so it’s better to avoid it.


If your christening dress is still damp after ironing, make sure it is completely dry before storing it in the wardrobe. Then hang it on a hanger and hide it.

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