About us

Need is a mother of invention When our son was born, we wanted to give him all the best things. It was not always possible to find them. When the important day of his Christening came, the project MyDream came up; the whole machine set off on its journey. We were sure that many of you are looking for appropriate clothes for the occasion, made of natural materials. We will show you what worked for us. MyDream was created with the idea of addressing real needs of our Babies, as they deserve that everything they wear is of the best quality. Our clothes for Christening are sewn of high quality, texturised cotton, linen, 100% silk and the best quality laces. Everything is handmade by our dressmakers who do their best to make them exceptional, almost as exceptional as your Baby is. The clothes will be perfect also for the First Birthday and other important events in your life. Our company is aiming at satisfying the requirements of the modern client. We are doing our best to provide products which are unique, comfortable so that Babies could feel in them really exceptional and free.